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The government official is a unnamed man who appears in the game as a minor antagonist.


Nothing is known about him aside from the fact that he wants to tear down the museum for future developments to the village.

Kirisame ga furu moriEdit

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Judging from his in-game sprite and Sakuma's insult, the government official seems to have a raccoon-like appearance and seems to be middle aged. He has grey hair and moustache. His outfit consists of a light-blue dress shirt along with a red tie and a green vest, dark red pants, and black shoes.


Although there's little exposure to his character, it's clear that the government official is unpleasant, uncaring, and rude. He is only concern with the renovations of the village and could care less if Suga would be homeless if the museum is tore down. He is also the only known character who doesn't believe the legends of the "Kotori Obake" and "Ogami-san" dismissing it as "bogus tales".