Mochizuki Yousuke (望月洋介 Mochizuki) is a character in the game Kirisame ga Furu Mori.

Appearance Edit

Mochizuki is a police officer in Azakawa Village with a slim figure, that appears to be older than any of the other characters. He is depicted to be wearing a blue police officer uniform throughout the entire game, with short brown hair that is slicked backwards, and black eyes.

Personality Edit

Mochizuki is kindhearted by nature, as well as thoughtful and considerate. This is shown when Mochizuki sent Shiori to the museum with his patrol car, despite not knowing the girl at the slightest. He also cares deeply for the safety of the people around him. One of the best examples is shown in the game, when Mochizuki scolds Sakuma for her unpleasant behavior towards Suga.

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